Monday, 22 June 2009

Reviews of the 3rd Edition - Online

From: [India]

One of the Standard texts of the Screenwriting Industry
Review by Mark Jones

Since this book first came out in 1996, I've been a fan. Now that it's in it's third (expanded/updated) version, it just gets better.

Whether you're an absolute beginner, nervous and starting - out to a University post-grad eager for that smack on the side of the head to look at your work different, there's something in here. And Ray Frensham does not patronise and he's funny and honest.

Other books will be proscriptive and tell you 'THIS is what you MUST do", Frensham's book takes more of a "This is what they tell you you should do, but This is what you might find happening...don't worry".

There are superb sections on Character creation, on Re-writing and on Screenwriting and the Internet (the book is worth its price for all those well-researched URLs alone.

All in all, a strong recommend.